Electric Water Heaters

Millcreek Plumbing offers a wide selection of electric water heaters.  Electric water heaters are one of the most cost-efficient ways to supply hot water.  Electric water heater units are relatively low in cost and use heating elements to keep water at temperature. Because they use electricity, there are more options for placement of the tank.

New Electric Water Heater Technology

According to consumer reports, “Water heating amounts to nearly 20 percent of a home’s energy costs. As the result of new efficiency standards, water heaters under 55 gallons will see about a 4 percent boost in efficiency, while water heaters 55 gallons or more may cut your utility bills by 25 to 50 percent depending on the technology used”.

Electric Water Heater Operating Costs

A typical new generation electric water heater heats 60 gallons in about 2.5 hours.  A 4500 watt heating element consumes about 10.5 kWh.  At $.15/kWh it costs costs $1.57 to heat the 60 gallons.

Our plumbers at Millcreek Plumbing install and service electric water heaters of all types and brands, including Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford & White, State, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

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