Kitchen Plumbing

If you think about plumbing, most often your thoughts will go directly to the bathroom. However, the kitchen is filled with many plumbing fixtures and appliances — everything from the kitchen sink and the garbage disposal, to the refrigerator and dishwasher all rely on plumbing lines. For the most part, they are also all interconnected, making it difficult to find leaks.

If something goes wrong with the kitchen, it can cause a major disruption in your day-to-day life. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where a large portion of your day is spent. Plumbing problems could lead to a pile up of dishes, or the inability to access water for cooking or drinking. If something is wrong with your kitchen’s plumbing, contact us at Millcreek Plumbing. Our professionals provide quality customer service and quick repairs, making sure that you can get back to your kitchen as quickly as possible.


Perhaps the most common item that’s prone to plumbing issues is your sink. One of the most common malfunctions happens when valves are loose, broken, or old—water will leak from the faucet. If left untreated, this can be an incredible waste of water and money. Our plumbers can easily change out your valves, eliminating the excess dripping water. In addition, we can fix any kind of faucet you have, eliminating those tiresome leaks. We cover compression faucets, ball and ceramic disk faucets, as well as cartridge.

However, leaking doesn’t just come from the faucet. It can happen anywhere along the pipes leading to different places around your kitchen. If you notice water leaking in your kitchen, but you’re not sure where it is coming from, our trained professionals can locate and fix the issue. It could be an issue with a valve, connector, or one of the pipes, and it might be difficult to find.

Another service that we provide at Millcreek Plumbing is installing fixtures. We can put in new pipes and faucets, ensuring that your sink’s plumbing will be good to go for many years to come. Our installation fits seamlessly with your countertops and kitchen, and we remove the old faucets or kitchen features without causing any damage. If you’re looking to update your sink, then a new faucet can give it the facelift you’re looking for.

The kitchen sink pipes are usually connected to your dishwasher as well as the sink, which means a backup on one may cause issues for the other one. If a dishwasher gets backed up with water, it’s likely your sink will back up as well. It can also mean your dishwater is flooding water onto your floor, which could cause damage to your flooring. Call us as soon as you experience any sort of backup or leak—we’ll identify and quickly solve the problem.

Filtration Systems

Are you one of those individuals who swears that different tap waters have different tastes? You aren’t wrong—different areas have different minerals or build up in their water. Some areas of Utah have noticeable hard water buildup—you’ll often see white buildup around the faucet. In order to have completely pure water, you’ll need to invest in a water filtration system. It can improve the overall taste, as well as eliminating any contaminants that might be found in your water.

One of those contaminants could potentially be lead—if your home was built before 1986, pipes before then weren’t lead mandated, meaning they are commonly found on older homes. No matter how old your home is, you can request a water report from your local municipalities and inquire about the different levels in your water. One major solution to contaminants is a water filtration system—Millcreek Plumbing can assist with filtration installation.

Over time, filtration systems have become increasingly easy to install and maintain, giving you a quick way to filtrated water. One of the most effective kind of filtration system is an under the sink water tap. At Millcreek Plumbing, we can install any brand of filtration system. In addition, we can provide services or repairs on any brand as well. If you’re interested in filtration systems for your water, don’t hesitate to give us a call—with us, installation is a quick and easy process, saving you time and hassle.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are incredibly convenient and can save you the unappealing task of picking food out of your kitchen drain. They use metal blades to grind down the food and make it small enough to go down the pipes. Without it, kitchen drains can easily get clogged and food can build up, preventing water from draining properly. It can cause backup in your pipes, which could result in more damage.

If you’ve been having issues with food backup and are thinking about a garbage disposal, Millcreek Plumbing can install, and does repairs on any brand of garbage disposal. Our expert crews will ensure that it’s properly installed and works efficiently, saving you the task of picking things out of the drain with your hands.

Since the kitchen is the hub of the home, it’s important to keep it functioning at full capacity. Leaky pipes and faucets, as well as dishwasher repair are our wheelhouse of expertise. Millcreek Plumbing provides a quick and effective fix, with a guarantee that the same problem won’t persist. In addition, we install and fix any kind of water filtration system or garbage disposal. If you need plumbing services in the Salt Lake City area, we’ve got you covered.

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