Outdoor Plumbing

The outside of the house isn’t commonly associated with outdoor plumbing—people typically think of gardens and curb appeal. However, many plumbing repairs take place outside the house. Your yard is home to the water main, which provides water to the rest of your home. If something goes wrong with that, then no part of your house will have efficient plumbing. You won’t have access to water in your kitchen or your bathrooms. Additionally, water is directed with pipes all around your yard, creating your sprinkler system.

Both of these are important to keeping your household running and your grass green, so it’s important to keep them in working order. If you’re having problems with either of them, give us a call at Millcreek Plumbing. Our experts are trained professionals who can get down to the problem quickly and offer the best and most affordable solutions.

Water Main Repair

Your home is a master disguise for the pipes and plumbing that runs underneath it. They hide beneath the surface, and could potentially be lurking with potential problems. There are so many main lines and drain lines that run from your house to the meter. If you notice anything amiss, you should contact us immediately.

One of the biggest indications that something is amiss with your water line is a hissing or humming noise from your pipes. There can also be an incessant sound of running water. Though it might not be clear which pipe it is, this is a surefire sign that there is a leak somewhere. Most people don’t realize that you will almost always notice the noise of the pipes before you see any physical leaking.

Another thing that happens less frequently is a loss of water pressure coming out of your faucets. Generally this doesn’t happen unless it’s the main water line, as the loss of pressure in other pipes would be hard to detect. You’ll know if the water pressure goes down in one area, then it’s typically the pipe for that specific room.

If you think there may be a problem, we can come out and inspect the house. The first thing we will do is to turn off your water valve on your meter. This cuts off the water supply to your home. It’s important to drain the existing water in your pipes—this allows us to see if the leak is happening on the pipes inside your house. Once they are all cleared out, we go and listen outside using special tools to see if we can still hear running water in your outdoor pipes. If we can hear it running, it is a leak in one of the outdoor pipes.

We can narrow down where the leak is coming from and we can dig down and take out the broken portions, replacing them with new pipes. This returns your water usage back to normal quickly, addressing the problem at the root. Don’t go digging up your yard, taking random guesses to where the leak may be. We can help to narrow down the area and only dig up where it’s absolutely necessary.

In the event of a major leak in your water main, our company specializes in repairing damaged and broken pipes. Sometimes, the leak is extensive, and may require a full water main replacement. This can be expensive, but at Millcreek Plumbing, we offer competitive pricing and exceptional service. In addition, it might be covered by your homeowners insurance, and we will work with you to determine methods of payment.


Sprinklers are an incredible investment to your property, as they provide consistency in maintaining your yard and gardens. They can transform your curb appeal and save you from moving a hose sprinkler all over the yard each day. They keep your gardens green and lush—they are often unsung heros of yard maintenance

Since sprinklers are installed underground, it can be incredibly inconvenient to find and fix leaks once they are installed. That’s why it’s crucial that they be installed correctly the first time. This will prevent you from having to dig them out later on, which requires equipment, time, and money.

One of the most important aspects of sprinklers is putting them into a pattern that will evenly distribute the water over the yard, keeping all the green even. The main thing to know about sprinklers is that they are connected to the main plumbing of your home. This needs to be done by a qualified plumber, to ensure that it is done correctly. A poor connection here could lead to a high volume leak and large amounts of damage.

Millcreek Plumbing can help take care of all of your sprinkler needs, installing the sprinkler system, as well as connecting it to your home plumbing. Our crews are experienced and efficient, and we can install and get your sprinklers up and running in no time. We do a test of the system before we leave, ensuring that all the pipes and sprinkler heads are in proper working order.

If you’re looking for an expert in outdoor plumbing, Millcreek Plumbing provides a variety of services. If you have outdoor pipes that may potentially have a leak, then it’s critical to have a professional plumber identify where it is coming from, especially as it could potentially come from your water main. Our professionals can also install and repair sprinkler systems, ensuring that your yard and gardens stay green and lush.

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