Stop & Waste Valves

For homeowners, they are often hyperaware of their interior plumbing. It’s easy to detect when there is an issue, because it becomes apparent in visible water leakage or through a loss in water pressure. However, outdoor plumbing is often completely separated from interior plumbing, and issues with it can be more difficult to detect.

One of the primary issues with exterior plumbing revolves around the stop and waste replacement valve, a port that separates the two plumbing systems. If this happens, Millcreek Plumbing can offer their years of expertise to ensure that your yard is running just as efficiently as your home.

What is a stop and waste replacement valve?

Connecting to the irrigation, or sprinkler system, a stop and waste valve can play a crucial role in how much water your home wastes. It allows water to go to the sprinkler system, and when shut off prevents it. The valve is completely unrelated to the other water systems at your house, and its primary job is being the gatekeeper to your garden.

If you need a stop and waste replacement, the valve’s main purpose is to prevent pipes from freezing during the winter. The valve allows the water to be drained effectively, preventing any issues with pipes that might burst with ice. Without the valves, your entire irrigation system would be kaput after one cold season, especially with Utah winters.

One of the most common issues with a stop and waste valve is the ability for it to leak and waste water. This generally happens over time, just from the normal wear and tear. Other times it happens due to debris, such as dirt, rocks, or twigs, getting caught in the valve. If it does have a leak, it could result in a large amount of wasted water, that the homeowner is often completely oblivious to. Fixing it can prevent that water waste, as well as saving you money on your water bills. Trust us, those monthly water bills will start to add up quickly, increasing your frustration while lightening your wallet.

When to get it checked

If you’ve noticed a recent increase in your water bill, you might be experiencing a damaged valve. The damage could be coming from a variety of different factors, including the water pressure, the valve placement, and the quality of the water. The best way to test and see if your valve is malfunctioning is to turn off the water. If you see a leak in the valve area, it’s time to call in the professionals.

The valve itself has various locations that are susceptible to leakage. There is a nut that keeps the stem aligned, and over time, this is the most common area where leaks form, just because the nut loosens as the valve is opened and closed. When this is the primary cause, often the nut simply needs to be tightened. Additionally, there is a washer on the stem of the valve that can come loose and let water come through. This fix requires a new washer, rather than a new stop and waste valve.

Most valves have a small drain off to the side, which might not be closing off properly when shut off. The more water that is allowed to leak through, the looser the valve will becomes, escalating in how much water is wasted.

Stop and Waste Valve Installation

While stop and waste replacements are often a necessary service, certain systems don’t even have a valve in place. Older homes generally didn’t have the need for irrigation systems when they were built, so the valve was never installed in the initial water main. This can often cause major problems with pipes freezing, which can result in high damage costs. If you’re home doesn’t have a valve, Millcreek Plumbing also specializes in stop and waste replacement valve installation.

Our experts will come in and turn off the water before cutting the pipe. The valve is placed in the new gap and then the pipe is closed off with soldering. This will ensure that the pipes will stay in place, and the valve is secure. We can determine which fittings will work best with your plumbing and ensure that the valve is working properly.

Oftentimes, the water main has different locations. For older homes, it might be located underground, but it’s more commonly found inside in the basement. If you’re not sure whether or not your home has a stop and waste valve, we can come and examine it for you. Wherever it’s located, we can get access to it for repairs, or help you choose the best location for installation.

Millcreek Plumbing boasts the experience and customer service you’re looking for in a plumbing company. We will come and examine the valve, and can install a new one immediately if that’s where the leak is coming from. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition, we are family run and boast superior customer service. For more information about our services for interior and exterior plumbing, as well as stop and waste replacement valves, give us a call today.

For freezing temperatures, it is a good idea to have a stop & waste valve installed and working on your water line to drain and prevent pipe bursts.

Our plumbers at Millcreek Plumbing install and service all types of stop & waste valves.

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