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Our home was built in 1938, so we’ve seen a few plumbers over the years. Today’s task was to run a water line to the new refrigerator from some old, galvanized steel pipes in the basement. I found Millcreek Plumbing by calling a plumbing supply place and asking for a recommendation, after having originally called a large company, who gave me an outrageous estimate with an overly complex plan for getting the work done.

Jordan of Millcreek Plumbing called in advance to ask me a few intelligent questions so he would be sure to have all the needed parts. He was here on time, assessed the situation, and gave me a very reasonable estimate for the work. He answered all of my questions patiently, and at no time was he anything but polite. His plan made much more sense than the previous plumber’s. He finished quickly, tested the new line, cleaned up afterwards, and charged me EXACTLY what he had estimated. I strongly recommend this local, family-owned business for honesty, integrity, and customer service.

Customer review from Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah

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